View Full Version : Radiotime only works with slimserve

Mike M
2006-10-15, 13:47
for some reason I can only get "My Radio" from radio time to work if slimserve is running, with my computer off, I get a fail to parse message when I try to get into the My Radio folder in Radio time. Any ideas?

Thank You

2006-10-15, 16:50
Hi Mike,

Are you referring when trying to access radiotime through the squeeze network?

Mike M
2006-10-16, 16:42
Yes, can't seem to get it to work via Squeeze network,i get a fail to parse error, but if I use slimserve as the server, no problem? Mot sure why.Perhaps a password problem. Where do i put my password in the squeeze box if I am using just a squeezebox V3 without slimserve running?

2006-10-16, 16:50
If you are not running slimserver, then I assume you are thenconnected
to SqueezeNetwork. In this case, you can go to
www.squeezenetwork.com, login, and enter your radio passwords under
the Accounts and Music Services page,.

Mike M
2006-10-19, 16:10
Thank You
Didn't know i had to do that but it worked out.