View Full Version : Network Health problem

2006-10-14, 07:46
Since I install 6.5 I've had serious stuttering issues (wireless). Been away for a while so i just recently did network tests, and here are the results:

At test rate, I am getting 100% in everything (including 5000kbps).

During streaming, here is what I get:

Control Connection : OK
Streaming Connection : OK
Signal Strength : OK
Buffer Fullness : Low
Server Response Time : OK

I always get Buffer Fullness at Low. How do i fix that? I never had that before switching to 6.5

*edit* I play 70% flac and 30% mp3 (approximately). I get the stuttering regardless of the file type. Sometimes I am able to play a few songs without stuttering (ie I get lucky and don't use the buffer heavily, it would seem).