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2006-10-14, 04:07

I wanted to report a big bug in SlimServer software. I added a few playlists and rescanned them. First of all SlimServer crashed (left part went "white" in browser; error "Unable to connect"). I retried several times. No luck.

Then I reinstalled SlimServer 6.5.0. SlimServer was running again but the playlists were still the old ones mixed with some undefined things I never put there ("Untitled - unknown.wav") and which are not on my computer.

I installed 6.5.1 over it and deleted the whole library. After two hours of rescanning (you don't really know when it is finished as there is no display of progress and reading 22.600 titles takes a while) it seemed to be finished. I tried to restart SlimServer (it went off while rescanning) but it didn't work. It was simply unable to open it in the browser anymore. I have Kaspersky AntiVirus running. Is it possible there is a conflict (does anybody know?)

Now, as everything was completely damaged I uninstalled and deleted everything (The uninstall routine unfortunately wasn't able to delete all files).

Now, I reinstalled 6.5.1 from scratch. It is very, very disappointing and I am quite upset also. Imagine: I had a brilliantly running and fine installation of SlimServer. No problems ever. Then, I added 4 playlist files and this leads to a total crash of the software.

Please, developers: Program a routine which checks if the playlist-files are corrupt and please output an error message instead of just crashing the whole program. My 4 new playlists where totally identical to the previous ones so I have absoluetely no clue what disturbed SlimServer. I had also tried the debug mode (d_scan) but couldn't find any error-log file or output.

Now I have to set up everything again (including plugins) and hope it won't crash again.

So, please, please: No new features, work on reliability! The whole scanning process had always been hell. And please work on a decent output so the user knows what the program is doing.


2006-10-14, 04:23

please be aware that this isn't the best place to post a bug - you need to go to bugs.slimdevices.com to do that. You'll need to create an identity for yourself there (your forum identity doesn't carry over) but it only takes a moment.

However, you'll need to provide a lot more informaton before anyone can do something with it (there are lots of people happily scanning without crashing - so unless you enable the developers to recreate your problem, they have no way of fixing it). OS, and which version of 6.5.1 for a start.

If you enabled d_scan it will have produced lots of output: to find it from the slimserver interface go to server settings - debug and look for the well disguised "here" link at the end of the opening paragraph. That should show you the full log file.

To help the developers (and yourself) in tracking down this sort of problem, its a good idea to try to recreate it with a very small library and just one or two playlists. That way each rescan only takes a minute or two, and the logs are much smaller.

But if you can't give a reproducible case, no-one can help you!


2006-10-14, 06:02
Well, I know, noone will be able to help. At least, I hope, this problem is taken care of. Now it seems that everything is running again. I just need to reinstall the plugins I like (weather time, t9 search, forward-search-play in songs). And I need to remake all my settings.

There definitely is a problem with reading the library and I hope the developers find it. It is really a pain.


Mark Lanctot
2006-10-14, 07:40
There definitely is a problem with reading the library and I hope the developers find it.

How can they? It's working fine on their machines and you didn't open a bug so they can reproduce it.

If they can't get the same thing to happen on their machines it can never be fixed because they can never find where the code is messing up.

I'm sorry if this seems harsh and I understand your frustration, but code doesn't get fixed by just saying "it doesn't work". The developers need to determine why it won't work in your particular installation, because it works in theirs. They need to find out what's different about your installation and, in particular, what those playlists contain. If you never supply them with samples of the files and the playlists, or outputs of the various debugging functions which say what SlimServer is encountering when it scans these playlists, they will never know.

2006-10-14, 08:47
Try switching off your anti-virus software for a while.
Then do a re-scan and see if 6.5.1 works.

There is a known issue with virus scanners thinking MySQL database files are actually infected and deleting them.

Search the General discussion forum for the word virus and you'll find plenty of posts mentioning this problem.