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Reckase, Erik Nathan
2003-12-09, 09:06
So you're saying that the tags on the FLAC files aren't being seen by the

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-> There was a suggestion to use FLAC, and right enough when I
-> look at the
-> files they are tagged but the server doesnt seem to see
-> this, am I doing
-> something wrong? Again suggestion for a tool please...I was
-> using the
-> dBPower music converter.
-> Is there no way though that the file structure itself
-> couldnt be used by the
-> search tools in the server? Seems a bit of an ommission
-> considering WAV
-> support is such a clear feature of the squeezebox.

The problem with the parsing of the filename is that there's so many
different combinations, and there's no real way of guaranteeing that all of
your files are named the same way...how would you suggest that this be
implemented? Granted, if you use the same naming convention for all your
files, this might be a good addition.


Dan Sully
2003-12-09, 09:45
* Brian J. Haag <brian_haag (AT) yahoo (DOT) com> shaped the electrons to say...

> I've not been able to get .flac to play at all. In
> the "still no .flac" thread, I've included a couple of
> logs. It appears that the server thinks the files are
> of zero length.

Can you point your music directory root at a small subset of these files, and
send me the output when you run the server with --d_info ?

Also - are you using the current CVS tree or 5.0.1?

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