View Full Version : Sirius Access Denied

2006-10-13, 14:04
Is anybody else getting the message 'Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://www.sirius.com/" on this server.' when trying to access Sirius? (Trying with a browser - the plugin can't connect but that's because the entire site is blocking me out.) This has been going on for me since Slimserver version 6.5 - I'm on Windows XP. I think that the XML parsing error caused the Sirius plugin to keep trying to log into Sirius and they probably blocked my IP thinking that I was trying to attempt a denial of service attack. I have called and spoke with several Sirius people and none of them have ever heard of this message before. I also emailed them and have gotten no response. They said that if more people called about this it would probably be looked into further. Anyway, I've seen some mention of this in the forums before and I was wondering if other people are still having this problem.

2006-10-24, 14:36
I guess that nobody else was having this problem but after emailing and calling Sirius numerous times they said that they heard of this problem but didn't know why it was happening or how to correct it. Somehow it started working again yesterday and I can get into the Sirius website and use the Sirius plugin. I am on Optimum Online in the Northeast (Connecticut). Anyway, I'm happy for now, until Sirius cuts me off again. My thanks to the Sirius Plugin developer, I'm really enjoying the plugin and its amazing how hard you have worked on the plugin in your spare time.