View Full Version : A Remote For SoftSqueeze

2006-10-12, 05:13
For you cheapos and po’ folks out there, you can now possibly have your cake and eat it, too.

I think there are quite a few people who haven’t parted with the cash for a Squeezebox, but still use Slimserver to manage their library, and then they play their files with SoftSqueeze. Of course one of the niceties of the Squeezebox is getting a remote so you don’t have to keep running over to the computer to make selections. I began to wonder if there existed a remote control solution for SoftSqueeze.

I did a little research into PC-based remote controls, and yesterday, the ATI Remote Wonder II I settled upon arrived.

We own a Squeezebox which resides in our living room, but in our guest room, we’ve got a Mac running SoftSqueeze. The Remote Wonder II came with a Windows driver and control panel in the box, but on ATI’s web site, you can download Mac software for the device. From what I read, the Windows software for the remote is somewhat limited as it is geared toward their TV cards. ATI does not currently have any TV cards for the Mac, and so they decided in their generosity to create software for the Mac that allows you to completely customize every button on the remote.

The documentation is sparse, but after an hour or so, I had buttons on the remote mapped to every one of SoftSqueeze’s buttons/keystrokes. They all work perfectly, even the “press and hold” actions like jumping to favorites by holding down number buttons.

I’m really very pleased with the results!

The remote was less than $50 including shipping direct from ATI. It’s an RF device so you don’t have to worry about line of site. I said “possibly have your cake and eat it” because you need a Mac to take advantage of ATI’s very flexible OS X control panel. PC users may not be able to get the thing working properly with SoftSqueeze.

Now, all I need is glasses so that I can actually read SoftSqueeze’s window from across the room.

You can read a review of the remote here: http://www.remotecentral.com/wonder2/index.html.