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2006-10-12, 03:48
So - I'm currently at work and don't have access to slimserver. (I can't connect to softsqueeze from here, either).

So I'm currently using Winamp. I know, I know. Please don't flame me :P

But when playing FLACs, my last.fm stats aren't updated. I know last.fm is working, as it's picking up MP3s fine.

So my question is - can anyone confirm that slim will update last.fm when playing FLAC (e.g. is this just a Winamp prob) or can last.fm not handle FLACs?


2006-10-12, 04:08
Just about everything on my last.fm charts is from FLAC. And since you just noticed this playing from work, is it fair to guess that the FLAC you play at home get submitted to last.fm? If so, it sounds like a problem with Winamp's scrobbler plug-in.

Craig, James (IT)
2006-10-12, 04:34
Wasn't clear if gutted was playing local files in Winamp or streaming
from SlimServer?

It is possible that 'stream' SlimServer clients are not logged with
Last.FM, because stream clients aren't quite the same as real devices.


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2006-10-12, 05:13
I'm playing local FLAC files from my laptop HDD. (I bought some CDs while I'm down south, and ripped them to FLAC for when I get back home).

It's good to know that Slim will update last.fm after playing FLAC - cheers for the confirmation.

I think aubuti is right - it must be a problem either with Winamp itself, or with the scrobbler. The scrobbler works fine for MP3, but maybe I need to confirgure it for FLAC or whatever. But it's not a major conern, so long as Slim updates last.fm (which it does :)