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2006-10-11, 13:02
Yep for those who are interested I have been given photos which enable me to update the wiki page for the Turbostation 201! See http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/Qnap_Turbostation:TS201

Basically the circuit board looks very similar to the TS101 - except a few minor changes. The CPU now has a heat sink - and it is not possible to view the exact chip. There are four banks of PSC memory (identical type to the TS101); and the Intel Ethernet chip has been swapped to a new Realtek one.

So yes there are PCB changes - but they are not major. The SATA chip is identical to the TS101 - so how they get SATA II speed (which is advertised) is unclear - unless the chip supports it through a firmware upgrade... There are also two different SATA ports on the board - but there does not appear to be an obvious e-sata link. The Sata power supplies are also different.

There is space for the Mini-PCI connector - but it is not attached on this board. Which is a pity (see the TS101 thread for compatible socket types).

Interestingly... the format of the board appears to be identical to the TS101. In other words you could *potentially* swap the TS201 circuit board into the TS101 chassis. The sata connectors and heat sink would be the only things to alter!

2006-10-11, 13:13
I don't think any drive out there can saturate SATA yet alone SATA II, i don't think you would ever see a benefit from the change, i'd guess it is a firmware update on the chipthat enabled this. And considering the bandwidth limitations of the TS101/TS201 processor, there is no way you would get that anyway. All SATA II support means in the real world with this device is that it is compatible with SATA II drives.

Oh, and SATA II shouldn't be called that at all, the current SATA 3.0Gb/s standard that drive manufacturers are using is actually a subset of the full SATA II spec. SATA II was also the name of the standards gorup before they re-named to SATA IO

see WikiPedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SATA2
and the SATA IO organisation: http://www.sata-io.org/namingguidelines.asp


2006-10-11, 13:22

Looks like im corrected! :)

'Sata II support' could well be consistent with the idea that it will work with 'Sata II' drives; rather than anything else. I was a bit too hasty in my summing up. I shall return to the outer ex planets.