View Full Version : Random within a selected year

2006-10-11, 11:06
Is it possible to play random tracks from a selected year, or even a selected decade. I can't see any obvious way at the moment.

I used to have this feature on another bit of software and I found it really handy. e.g. play a random mix of stuff I've bought this year.

If not, 7.0 PLEASE?


2006-10-11, 11:11
I have done this already. Really nice functionality especially for freaks like myself that like to randomly "browse" their music collection in any possible kind of way ;-)

As I am currently not at home I cannot give you an exact specification but it is something like this:

- Go to the players settings via the remote control on the Squeezebox itself and select that you'd like to hear your selections in random mode.
- After that go to select the music by year and when you're at the year you're looking for just press the play button.


2006-10-11, 11:34

Cheers Sebastian!

It would be nice to have it hanging off the random menu somehow though.