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2006-10-09, 15:25

Downloaded the latest 6.5.1 nightly and now when I try to open slimserver from the tray icon my browser (Firefox) opens a window with multiple file not founds where the slim server panels should be.

The panel in the upper left side reads:
Firefox can't find the file at /G:/SlimServer/home.html?player=00:04:20:06:59:8b.

The panel in the upper right side reads:
Firefox can't find the file at /G:/SlimServer/status_header.html?player=00:04:20:06:59:8b.

and the final panel reads:
Firefox can't find the file at /G:/SlimServer/playlist.html?player=00:04:20:06:59:8b.

Although I can browse my music and play the songs. What is the corrective action. This used to work with 6.3


Mark Lanctot
2006-10-09, 18:01
Did you just upgrade from 6.3.1 to the latest 6.5.1 nightly?

You may want to try uninstalling first.

2006-10-09, 23:45
You may be using a buggy html template from the previous build.

Clear your cache and point your browser at

http://localhost:9000/default which ensures you connect using a valid html template.

2006-10-10, 04:39
I tried clearing my browser cache (firefox) but how do you change the tray Icon so it points to the correct place? will this be fixed in a new buikd, can you send me an updated file for the tray icon to use?

my e-mail is mitchjstein@earthlink.net