View Full Version : Slim Server Error(s) [v. 6.5.0]

2006-10-09, 05:09
I have had a SB3 for about 2 months now and love it like it were my own flesh and blood, however it has started providing me with some spurious data when I look in the Artist or Album or Genre section. A quick breakdown of my set-up

All files lossless - FLAC
All files on external HDD
Wireless network - PC to Router to SB3
FLAC files amended by Tag&Rename
All files are open within the folder - unlike iTunes where it provides separate folders for each artist and album.

When I change tags I always scan and look for new music/files but now it[slim server] has been dropping filenames and even including data which has either not been on the file before, i.e. David Bowie - Let's Dance reads as Buddha Bar - Let's Dance or details that have been on the file previous to my change in Tag&Rename are still current.

But when I look in the 'Music Folders' link on slim it shows the correct name and amendment...

This is a long thread and possibly confusing so I shall stop it here, suffice to say there is more but can anyone help? More info provided if needed.

ps this happened on slim 6.3.0 too.

2006-10-09, 05:38
(1) try a full clear and rescan

(2) try upgrading to 6.5.1 nightly

(3) Are all your files really in one folder (instead of subfoders by artist/album, say)? That isn't very friendly to the OS... you could always try splitting a few off into a smaller folder and see if it behaves properly then.

If none of these work you'll need to let people know which OS you are on, and if you are using any plugins...


2006-10-09, 07:09
Thanks Ceejay.

Point 1 i've tried a number of times but you have pretty much answered my question with the folder issue. I thought this may have some underlying problems.

Will try and see what happens.

much appreciated