View Full Version : Qnap TS-101 Telnet (well not quite)

2006-10-09, 04:49
Some perusing of the 'Technical Documentation' seems to show that the Qnap TS-101 is set up to allow enabling of a utelnetd on port 13131 - makes sense for CS troubleshooting I suppose.

It can be enabled at build time (TS-201 build log seems to say yes, but TS-101 says no). But there is also evidence that it can be enabled on the fly by calling the following undocumented cgi:

http://QNAPIP:6000/console.cgi?login=yes?pwd=<some password>

Unfortunately the source code for console.cgi is not available and the password appears to be some date/time determined string which hasn't been guess'able - for me anyway.

2006-10-11, 03:08
Did you try the link in Tomshardware guide? It might enable users to at least work as admin without su rights?