View Full Version : Missing cover art

Rob Studdert
2003-12-09, 00:14
I just realized that the server is no longer seeing my cover art. Was fine with
4.2.6, now running 5.0.3 under NT4, pics are all "cover.jpg", cover art and
cover art thumb-nail settings are default. Same in Fishbone or default skins.

Everything else seems to be working fine.

Any suggestions?



Rob Studdert
2003-12-09, 00:35
On 8 Dec 2003 at 23:21, Jason wrote:

> There is a setting for cover art under the interface section of the server
> settings.

I've both left it as default and set both fields to "cover.jpg" with no joy.

> The default is folder.jpg not cover.jpg, so try adding it.

Just above the input field is the following text:

"By default, images named "cover.jpg", "albumartsmall.jpg", "folder.jpg",
"album.jpg", or "thumb.jpg" are used. You can specify an additional file name
to use for album art images. "