View Full Version : iTunes7 New Feature=> Skipped Tracks....Is there a Plug in to Use?

2006-10-08, 07:14
Hi All

Theres a new feature in itunes7 which is skip count. See http://digg.com/apple/New_iTunes_7_SKIP_COUNT_feature

Is keeps a log of skips (going to next song before the end of the current). I wondered if we can take advantage of this in slimserver mayeb using a plug in. Can anyone comment, esp James Craig. Thanks.


2006-10-08, 10:56
Try looking in the 3rd Party Plugins forum...


2006-10-08, 15:15
Thanks James thats fantastic, as I only just installed 1.8 its was much sooner than I expected. For eveyone else's benefit => this is now a feature of itunes updater 1.9.0 released yesterday by coincidence