View Full Version : still no .flac

Brian J. Haag
2003-12-08, 21:33
--- Kevin Deane-Freeman <kevin (AT) deane-freeman (DOT) com>
> This seems to show that the server is not getting
> proper information about the
> file. Can you try this with the latest nightly
> build?
> http://www.slimdevices.com/downloads/nightly/latest

This build (5.0.3 12/8) is totally nonfunctional for
me. I get 'action canceled', 'the page could not be
displayed', etc. So I uninstalled and went back to
5.0.1. Same behavior.

In addition, when I checked the log after trying an
..ogg file, I got the exact same behavior. SlimServer
thinks the files are of zero length.