View Full Version : Slimserver Died on TS101

2006-10-06, 00:40
I think i've killed slimserver on my qnap TS101.

I put a load of new albums on it yesterday and thought i'd try the database clear programme from the progressive update site.

Now i can't get the SS web interface and my SB3 cant see it either although it can still see the TS101, so i know it's not a network issue.

I tried reinstalling the ss 6.3 update and that brings no joy.

Any ideas.

I haven't updated the TS101 firmware yet but i can't see that this should be a problem.

Any ideas????

2006-10-06, 02:22
have you left it a sufficent amount of time for it to re-scan your library? The SS on the TS-101 is likely to pretty unresponsive while it is scanning. As you have deleted the database, yet the pack to your music is still in the SS preferances, it will automatically scan when it starts up. There will be constant disk activity on the TS-101 while this is happening. Remember, this can take several hours depending on the size and format of the library.

2006-10-06, 03:55
Thanks, that may be it, i didn't realise it'd automatically rescan on restart, thought i'd have to tell it to do so through the web interface.

Would carrying out a rescan prevent access to the web interface and from the SB3 though?

2006-10-06, 12:58
It could tie up the Qnap enough that the frontend times out before loading.

When SS re-starts it is expecting to find a database to use, it already knows the path because you told it before, and there is music there so it will just go and scan it.

2006-10-07, 06:09
Thanks guys, you were both correct.
I restarted the qnap and left it first off and it went to sleep after it's prest time, however rerunning the database clear file from progressive seemed to wake everyhting up again and it spent an hour of two happily rescanning then connected perfectly. I must have interrupted it the first time after which it didn't wake up properly on restart.

Thanks again.