View Full Version : Disk won't unmount

Steven Moore
2006-10-05, 15:53
Ran into a strange one.
I tried to verify an external disk in disk utility (which has my music on it) and got a report the disk won't unmount cannot verify.
Force quit perl in activity monitor and then I could verify the disk.
Obviously perl (slimserver) was holding onto the disk.
Is this proper behaviour?

Mac 10.4.8 SS 6.5

2006-10-05, 16:16
Proper linux/unix behaviour. For instance, when I'm using XMMS on linux *if* any of the songs in the playlist are referenced from a mountpoint I'm trying to remove it'll error. I would expect the same thing in OS X. Its an OS thing and not a slimserver thing.

Steven Moore
2006-10-06, 13:15
Strange I never noticed it before but there you go.

2006-10-06, 15:58
It may be that the behaviour of SS has changed. It may be holding some files open where it didn't before.