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2006-10-05, 12:55
Hi everybody,

If you experience problems with :

- Albums in "No genre" categorie
- ArtWork
- More generally, not all your albums found correctly in Slimserver

--> It's ITUNES7 fault ! and maybe not slimserver 6.5.

Everything worked fine (and work now) with slimserver 6.3 and itune 6.05 but with Itunes7 all the album i add manually a cover appeared as NO GENRE in slimserver + only these covers appeared in Artwork.

Even with Itunes 6 back i experienced those problems, only with albums i add manually a cover with itunes7 (grrr)

To go back to normal :

--> Get rid of itunes 7 AND
* in ServerSettings :
C:\Documents and Settings\Moi\Mes documents\Ma musique\iTunes

* in serversettings/itunes music library
C:\Documents and Settings\Moi\Mes documents\Ma musique\iTunes\iTunes Music Library.xml

* in iTunes Music Folder :

Now everything's back to normal. Hope it helps

PS. Im'sure you can translate the few french words ;-)

PS2. Hope one day i'll use itunes7 and latest slimserver but...

2006-10-06, 01:33
See bugid 4151 (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4151) and there may be some others on this issue as well.