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2006-10-05, 12:40
Any plans to implement the new "Rhapsody DNA" API and eliminate the need for Rhapsody client?


2006-10-05, 12:52
I was about to ask the exact same thing :) Although I'd be more interested in using it with slimserver than squeezenetwork - that's a minor difference.

2006-10-08, 19:09
I seem to remember that Rhapsody "sans client" was promised on SN as a feature or benefit of SS6.5 and only awaiting Rhapsody to reveal the particulars of their API. Are we still waiting? Frankly, since 6.5, I have found Rhapsody unusable, despite the generous help of forum members. It seems to me, judging from the feed here, that 6.5 has succeeded quite well in improving playback of your own music library, but is lacking in the area of online streaming from the likes of Rhapsody, Live365, etc., with many quirks and bugs still to be addressed. I think Slim Devices needs to take note that the market is shifting in the online streaming direction with the likes of Rhapsody, Pandora, Napster, etc., and focus their attention accordingly.

2006-10-08, 21:15
Rhapsody isn't really streaming - it just plays the files you already have downloaded (albeit, over a UPnP connection). I didn't realise there were issues with Rhapsody on 6.5 - can you point me to a thread or bug report detailing the problem?

2006-10-08, 21:57
>Rhapsody isn't really streaming - it just
>plays the files you already have downloaded

No, there is no need to download the files, See Rhapsody Setup documentation:


To save disk space on your Rhapsody computer, you probably want to change the "Add to Library Options" under "My Library" to "Add songs as streams only". When streaming music to the Squeezebox, it will always stream over the Internet, not from local downloaded files, so having this option set to "Download" is not necessary. This option is only useful if you are using a portable device with Rhapsody, or listen offline at your computer. Offline listening is not possible through the Squeezebox.

2006-10-08, 22:02
No, there is no need to download the files

You're right - my mistake - I didn't realise that's how it worked.

2006-10-18, 10:20
I just received my squeezebox and have been catching up on some threads. I would like to know if there is any updates on this as well.