View Full Version : Can't get iTunes playlists

2006-10-05, 08:24
I recently upgraded to 6.5.0. When doing so, I un-checked the box to automatically start Slimserver (I thought it was for the interface). After realizing my mistake, I tried to set slimserver to automatically start but could not find where to do so. So I re-installed 6.5.0 on top of the previous installation. That's when my problems started.

I am running XP pro on a P4 1.8 with 1 gig RAM and plenty of hard disk space. I rip and manage my music with iTunes and set the server to use iTunes music library and playlists. The music library loads fine, but none of my playlists come in.

I tried going back to 6.3.1 but still could not get my playlists. I have gone back to 6.5.0 and still cannot get the playlists. I have done a clear and rescan (takes many hours).

Any help here please? Also, when I reloaded 6.5 on top of the earlier installation all of the interfaces were screwed up. That problem seems to have been corrected through the re-installations.