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2006-10-04, 14:24
Updated to 6.5.0 then 6.5.1. Radio stations did not work on 6.5.0 but did in Squeezenetwork. When I went to 6.5.1 the radio stations came back but I cannot SYNC them. It just stops at connecting. So then I reverted back to 6.3.1 and syncing and radio stations work fine. But now when slimtray starts, it starts with the slimserver stopped and I have to manually start it.

How do I change it back to starting the slimserver when slimtray.exe starts?

Anyone with similar issues with syncing internet radio stations in 6.5.1?


Mark Miner

2006-10-04, 16:20
Start > Control Panel > Admin tools > Services > Slimserver > Properties and change "Startup type" from Manual to Automatic.

Re syncing radio stations, you mean on 2 or more SBs or SoftSqueeze? Usually radio stations can't be sync'd because of network latency and more importantly, because the "tracks" are usually one long stream. So even if they start out sync'd, they'll tend to drift out of sync as time passes. In contrast, when playing from your library slimserver can re-sync at the beginning of each track. Any sync'ing of radio stations you had was probably a fluke.

2006-10-04, 18:42

thanks for the prompt reply. I changed the process to automatic! As far as syncing, I have had VERY good luck synching three squeezeboxes in my house with Live365 feeds. I understand technically why it should not work as well, but it certainly works here. Even coming home after being gone a few hours it usually sounds great and I CAN hear all three at once in some places in my house to make sure they are still "spot on".

Thanks again for the prompt reply. My server starts again automatically.

The synching issue with 6.5.1 is not about drift or losing synch slowly. When I have it set to synch in 6.5.1 I cannont connect to the radio station at all.....

Mark Miner

2006-10-04, 18:44
The 6.5.1 slimtray has a new entry for controlling automatic start.

You can only change the setting when the server is stopped.

Also - recent 6.5.1 installs have set my service to manual no matter that automatic was checked in the install.