View Full Version : slight UI sluggishness

Thomas B. Malsbury
2003-12-08, 11:45
> Ever since I upgraded to 5.0, there's been something bothering
> me: the UI is a tad bit more sluggish than it used to be. For
> example, if I have a playlist going and I browse into the library
> (on the device UI, not the web UI) and choose some music to add
> to the playlist, there's a pause when I hit the "add" button
> before it acknowledges that it's adding the selection. It's less
> than 1 second, but it's enough to always make me wonder whether
> it got my keystroke, so the entire process feels a lot less smooth
> than it used to. Just one of those UI polish things that can
> affect perception of the product...
> -Neal Tucker

I noticed a similar degradation in performance with the 5.0 upgrade. I have been using the server software since 4.2.4 with regular upgrades. With the 5.0 upgrade I noticed a severe lag of the UI when streaming to remote systems. The stream plays fine, but the UI is constantly loading. I have increase the refresh rate to 30 seconds so that I am able to make selections within the playlist pane before the next refresh starts.

This is a dedicated PIII 500mhz system running Windows98 with about 4,000 songs in the library. The system used to run at about 5-10% cpu usage, but now runs 15-30%. The only other service running is ZoneAlarm, but this has been running through all version of the SlimServer. I upgraded to 5.0.1 hoping that might resolve the issue, but it is still loading the UI slowly.

I love the product and only bring this up to help improve it. Any suggestion as to what might be wrong on my end would be greatly appreciated.

Tom Malsbury