View Full Version : playlist corruption bug

Neal Tucker
2003-12-08, 09:47
I just ran into a quite reproduceable bug which leads to corruption
of the Now Playing list. I don't have time to really investigate
the minimal steps at the moment, but here's a reliable recipe:

From the device UI:
1) stop all music
2) start playing a song (call it song A) I did this by hitting
"play" on a single song, and I have the server set to only play
that single song, as opposed to all the songs in the album. The
result is a "Now Playing" list of 1 song.
3) find another song (call it song B) and click the Add to Playlist
(actually Rec on my Sony remote if this makes a difference) button
TWICE. You should now have a playlist of "A B B".
4) go to "Now Playing" and correct your mistake by choosing the
second instance of song B and hitting the Add button to remove it.

You should now have a playlist of "A B", but the playlist is
actually now "A A". The first time I saw this, the Now Playing
list wasn't in exactly the state I described (i.e. it had more
than one song and the current song was not necessarily the first
entry in the list) and the corruption actually caused the current
song's entry to change, so I was hearing one song but the player
claimed it was playing another. When the song finished, going
back to that playlist entry played the new song so the display
matched with the music (still technically the wrong song, though).

Just now when investigating this bug, I also noticed another
problem that I can't repro: I was repeatedly going back and
forth between Now Playing and Browse By Artist, so I was getting
pretty quick at hitting "menu", "down", "down", "right" to get
into Browse By Artist. I'm not sure if the speed I was doing
this has anything to do with it (or if this is related to the
above bug), but once I got into Browse By Artist and instead of
displaying the last artist I had been browsing, the artist name
field was blank (the display only said "(83 of 174)" and had the
little arrow). Hitting right arrow at this point scrolled me
right to an identical menu (NOT the "there's nothing here" bump
the UI does when you try to go down a non-menu), so I could
scroll to the right indefinitely. Hitting "down" got me back to
the beginning of my Artist list somehow (1 of 174), and everything
was suddenly back to normal. In trying to repro this, I did enter
the Browse By Artist menu once to find it pointing at an artist
that I had not been browsing (i.e. I had been pointing at John
Coltrane and came back to find it pointing at Elvis Presley, which
isn't very near J alphabetically), but I can't repro that either.

This is all on server 5.0.