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Jeff Allison
2003-12-08, 09:36
> > Hi all. I posted a question about SlimServer and iTunes a few
> > days ago, but maybe it got lost in the storm of reply-to header
> > mail. So I'll give it another shot.

> Sorry about that.

Not to worry. I know all you contributors are doing your best.

> > The vast majority of my music was ripped in AAC format using iTunes
> > for Windows. I have a few MP3 files scattered around, but
> > not many. When I run SlimServer, it starts up and reports that I
> > have "23 albums with 4639 songs by 14 artists." This in contrast
> > to iTunes, which reports 4646 songs, 25 genres, 462 artists, 370
> > albums. I have LAME, and I can connect to the SlimServer using
> > iTunes or Windows media player to play a stream. But I don't see
> > my music collection properly as I do when I use iTunes directly.
> > I can browse my music folder with SlimServer, but I cannot browse
> > by artist or genre.

> You should be seeing the same stats as iTunes, and you
> shouldnt be able to browse the music folder if you are using
> iTunes integration in the slimserver.
> Have you gone into server settings and chosen the "use
> iTunes" options? You may have to set the mp3 folder to the
> location of your iTunes Music Libraray.xml file if you do not
> see the option to use iTunes.

That's the trick. It's still not quite equivalent, but I'll play around
and see what's up. Thanks!

- Jeff

> -kdf