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2006-10-03, 09:47
hi there
i got a brand new squeezebox3 last friday and was very happy with the easy and self explaining setup! I have listened hours without any problem since yesterday, suddenly the sound is gone ... there was no special interaction (besides listening my sound collection). i can hear this noise with different amplifiers and active speakers connected to analog out and headphone jacket. the noise does not disappears when the box is turned off (standby) nor if i disconnect the slim server. it begins immediately when connecting the power supply - and ends when disconnecting ...
the only thing is when i re-program the xilinx the noise is disabled for a few seconds and starts again, when programming is over :-(
resetting to factory defaults and changing the AC/DC adapter was not successful ... no i am out of ideas :-(

- slimserver 6.5 (stable) on debian linux
- wireless connection

any suggestions?


Mark Lanctot
2006-10-03, 15:44
This sounds like a hardware failure.

Contact support (at) slimdevices (dot) com.