View Full Version : Where did bitrate limiting go?

2006-10-03, 03:33
I've got my SB running via the ethernet cable now. In theory, there should be no worries about bandwidth any more. There are only a few devices on the ethenet LAN, and the hubs/switches are both gigabit capable (to service my fileservers).

So I want to remove bitrate limiting or at least set it to highest value.

But I can't find the setting anymore :(

I encountered it when I had problems with AlienBBC a long time ago, and I turned it down to AlienBBC working... LAME is indeed installed on my server in the correct place. But I can't even find the part that says "LAME appears to be installed correctly". I'm sure it used to say that somewhere in the server settings?! I went through each of the server setting tabs and used my browser to search for the words "bitate" "limit" and "LAME". But I didn't find what I was looking for.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


2006-10-03, 03:37
It's in the player settings, under audio.

2006-10-03, 04:05
Ah :)

Nice one - thanks for your help :)