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2006-10-03, 02:55
Hi all,

I've been using slimserver 6.5.0 (official release) on Windows XP (SP2) for a few weeks now, and noticed that under Browse Albums, the artist count doesn't match the count on the "home" page. I upgraded to the latest 6.5.1 build last night to see if this behaviour persisted, and it does:

On the "home" page, I have 113 artists listed, but in the Browse Albums view, I have 465. Reading through other forum posts, I see there was a bug logged for this for 6.5b (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=3806), and its marked as resolved...I suspect it isn't resolved

I'm running:
SlimServer Version: 6.5.1 - 10130 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252

Anybody else seeing this behaviour?


2006-10-03, 03:14
Could it be related to the "various artists" functionality that has been introduced in the later versions?

As in - SS might be listing 113 unique artists (including one artist called "Various Artists" at home page, but if you have compilation albums, then each artist may be listed separately in the albums view (so "Various Artists" becomes 350-odd separate artists).

That would rely on you having a high percentage of compilations though, so perhaps not relevant to the symptoms you see.

2006-10-03, 03:16
Yeah you could have a point there, and I was wondering about that. It might also be to do with tracks that are tagged with multiple genres - I have quite a few tracks like that.
I also have a far number of "Various Artist" compilation albums as well, but I'm not sure if the numbers tally. I could try and work it out I suppose...!

2006-10-03, 03:24
There've been all sorts of headaches with the new functionality :( I know that the official response from Support is that "Slim no longer 'guesses' and now relies on 'proper tagging' " but it's a change from previous versions that confused plenty of people :) :)

There are a couple of settings you can play with to see if your library statistics change... I don't have access to the interface now, but there's a setting (probably under "Bahaviour" where you can choose to "group compilations separately by each artist" vs "group compilations under same artist" (or something like that - I'm sure someone else herre will be able to correct me, and give you the proper place/setting).

If the library stats change when you play with this setting, and - importantly - correctly reflect what you should have, then let us know as there is a new tag you may need to add to your library to make slim deal with the albums correctly.

2006-10-03, 03:40
Interesting...as you suggested, I changed bevaviour from "Group compilation albums together" to "list compilation albums under each artist". Now I have 408 artists under the "Home" view, and in Browse Artists. Browse Albums is still showing 465 though.
Almost right, but not quite!

2006-10-03, 04:27
So still nearly 60 out :/

perhaps these artsts are duplicated - would that account for the difference? Like - imagine you've got an album by "Longpigs". And you've also got a few tracks by "Longpigs" on compilation albums. If you ad enough of these (like - 60-odd :P) that might account for the difference.

I'm not sure that it would cause this, but it could I suppose...


2006-10-06, 15:04
when i drill down to the album level, sometimes an album that has only one artist, is listed by SS as having multiple artists.

i think anything idetified as having more than one artist should go under some kind of various heading and not listed in with other single artists.