View Full Version : Issues with 6.5.0

Mike White
2006-10-01, 17:55
It took me a couple of tries to get 6.5 installed. Getting frustrated and going back to 6.3.1, and being unable to get SoftSqueeze 2.8 to work at all. Went back to 6.3.1 because slimserver would just stop every so often - no rhyme or reason to it, just stop. A nightly didn't help things at all, just made it worse.

Returning to 6.5.0 finally after uninstalling everything that slimserver had installed, and even deleting the directories.

I updated to the latest firmware (64 I believe), and tried to play all my music by going to browse albums, right click, all songs and hitting play.

Within moments SqueezeBox was displaying a report that it couldn't find a file in genre "Celtic" - which is the way that I have set up some of my music. It then started to try to buffer something like "California Sponsored ..." (Don't actually remember the entire title, but it sure isn't anything I ripped), it got to 87% and stuck there.

I went back and made sure I selected shuffle before I tried to play all songs again. This worked.

I suspect that the new database is not working quite correctly, and a few of the stopping issues I am seeing are related to the database not referring to the proper path.

To the best of my memory, slimserver 6.3.1 reported 612 albums, and slimserver 6.5.0 reports 614 albums. I have not added any albums of any kind.

I am running on Windows XP home edition, with 1 gig of ram, and about 500 gigs of hard disk space, which is not full by any stretch of the imagination.