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2006-10-01, 04:45
I have a Zyxel wireless router on my network, on which most of the ports are closed. Do I need to open any NAT ports to make the Slimserver find my player?

I've been using the squeezenetwork without problems, playing pandora 24/7 :) it rocks so bad .. had a party last night and it's so refreshing not having to worry about music selection and cd's.... :)

but when I start slimserver.. the page opens fine... it just says "no player found".

2006-10-01, 08:58
You need to disconnect from squeezenetwork before it will be able to connect to a local server.

Mark Lanctot
2006-10-01, 09:02
You don't need to open ports on your router for SlimServer. Opening ports is for external access, i.e. from the Internet.

If you can access SqueezeNetwork you have proper communication with your wireless router - a proper encryption passphrase, proper DNS and gateway.

If you can't access SlimServer it's probably a firewall issue. Check to see that the firewall on your SlimServer PC isn't blocking SlimServer. SlimServer needs ports TCP 3483, UDP 3483 and TCP 9000.

Once you make sure of this, press left on your Squeezebox remote for 5 seconds, go back to networking setup, skip over your encryption passphrase, IP address setting, etc. by pressing FWD. Stop when you hit "Connecting to wireless network". Once you're connected it should ask you to specify a music source. You should see the name or IP address of your SlimServer PC. Select it.

Edit: oh yeah - what radish said! <blush>