View Full Version : 6.5.0....surely not more trouble?

2006-10-01, 03:02
Sorry to post more problems.

I have had problems installing 6.5.0 Heres the story.

Was running 6.3.1, deleted cleared all plugins etc and upgraded. Initially running as a service is OK. However, want to run audioscrobbler and itunesupdater for 6.5 so try running not as a service and getting errors.

Now on start up the Slim.exe dos box always quits once running for about 20 seconds on start up ....hard to read any error message. But I can re-start manually; in which case I get the error "ERROR: Slim:: Control: Command::setExecuteCallback<> has been deprecated!

Also in my playlists....there are no songs!

Finally I seem to have a playlist linked from itunes "129 random singles" that I do not recognize or remember creating!

Can anyone offer any help