View Full Version : Anyone run into long delays/freezes between songs on 6.5?

2006-09-30, 13:59
I was listening to an album, made it through 2 tracks, then the thing froze - couldn't change tracks or even power off the device. I left it running while I came here to type this message and now after a minute or so it began playing again. This has happened more than once already - last time I was listening to a random playlist. Any ideas?

2006-09-30, 14:11
You can enable performance monitoring of the server to see if something is causing it to run slowly.

On the web page:
- Server and Network Heath
- Enable Performance Monitoring
- Server Statistics
- at the bottom of the page, enter 0.5 in the "High" Warning Threshold box and press "Set All"

Now run the server for a while and then look at the server log (click on here at the top of the Server Statitics page). Do you see any Response Time messages, if so what else is shown before them?

2006-09-30, 14:41
I've attached the log file. I don't know what to make of all this stuff.

2006-09-30, 14:47
Looks like the iTunesUpdate

The following means that iTunesUpdate is locking the server for 120 seconds - 2 mins!

iTunesUpdate: Starting to time file:///F:/My%20Music/Built%20To%20Spill/You%20in%20Reverse/05%20Wherever%20You%20Go.mp3
Request Task > 0.5 : 120.10628 Notify: Plugins::iTunesUpdate::Plugin::commandCallback
Response Time > 0.5 : 120.14166

2006-09-30, 15:23
i took it out, that did it. Thx.