View Full Version : mac/multiple drive/symbolic link

2006-09-30, 13:56
Hello out there,
I have an IMAC with a 750gb external drive which is now full. My fairly new IMAC has 400 gb free on it's internal drive. In basic settings I have my music folder blank and I have the use Itunes checked.
I'm not very computer savvy and making any changes to any setting on any computer has me crossing my fingers. I really don't want to mess up the system that I have. I checked out the Beginner's guide to organising your library page and did a forum search of mac multiple drive.
It looks like it is not as easy as entering the folder name into the music folder?
I have to use something called a symbolic link which I had never heard of until now? I'm not comfortable going anywhere near terminal. So if I manage to download the symbolic link software I take it this just creates some type of glorified shortcut? I then drag and drop this shortcut/link where exactly? In my external drive which is set to be my itunes library? Am I leaving the use itunes checked? If using the 400gb is an opening for any system trouble I would rather not do it.
Thanks for any info,