View Full Version : Problem with 6.5 and Zaurus SL-5500

2006-09-30, 05:52
Have my slimserver up and running. Would like to control it from my Zaurus SL-5500 running Opera 6.0 web browser.

On connecting Opera to the slimserver web site something weird happens. The browser says it is connecting to the website and transfers the page. But then rather than displaying the page the browser status reports "sending request..." ad infinitum.

If I press the browser STOP button however, then I get the page. Unfortunately this trick does not work if I want to send data the server like to change a playlist, it can only be used for read only operations. Overall this makes my Zaurus unable to control the slimserver :-(

I have a slimserver version 6.3 installed on another computer and I do not get this problem, so looks like it came in quite recently.

I have a hunch the problem is associated with the automatic refresh mechanism of the browser. I see on the server settings page under interface, one can change the refresh time between 2 and 30 second. Is there a way to completely disable it?