View Full Version : cue sheet problem

2006-09-30, 00:15
hi, most of my albums are ripped in ape with a cue sheet for the tracks. I could get SS to load those sheets up and i can see the tracks but SB3 just wont play them...it just get stuck trying to play them....am i doing something wrong or does it just not play cue sheets?

another problem is I realised that when SS is playing back ape..it will make a "click" sound before the track starts...no...this is not the IE clicking problem..it has something to do with the mac.exe but i cant figure out how to fix it....does anyone has a solution?

2006-09-30, 03:24
i have a number of albums ripped in this way, but i use flac and mp3 which the squeezebox decodes natively. is there any reason you need to stick with ape? i may be completely wrong here, so feel free to correct me, but slimserver has always had issues with cue sheets and esspecially when the image file is in a non-native format. try transcoding one to flac (dont forget to chance the file name reference in the cue if its an external cue sheet). if flac works, in would be a simple batch job to convert all your music. using flac with your squeezebox makes more sence anyway for other reasons to.

2006-09-30, 06:25
ive tried converteing an ape album to flac, and corrected the cuesheet info within, no go :( SS will list the tracks, but just wont play it. The only way that it would play them is that I convert all of them to individual flacs with indicivual tags....which is alot of work