View Full Version : SB2 keeps losing connection to server

2006-09-29, 16:49
I'm running Linux 6.3.1 and my SB2's have firmware 55 installed. Everything worked fine for months until last night when, after a clear/rescan of my library and reboot of my music server (which I have done a few times over the past months with no issues), the SB2 plays about 30 seconds of a song...loses connection to the server...and then starts playing the next track on the album. All of my SB2's are hard wired in to my home network.

Any ideas what might be the problem? I thought I might be having a problem with my network but I can stream the same flac files off of the server from another computer on the network no problem.

thanks in advance for your thoughts.


ps one other thing...I added about 30 albums to the server yesterday as well. I now have 2,971 albums, 36985 songs and 872 artists ripped to FLAC if it matters.

2006-09-29, 20:01
New router and a factory reset on the SB2's fixed it.

NM..I'm rocking again.