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2006-09-29, 10:32
Hi all

Big problems with internet radio!!

I can run server 6.2.2 with alienbbc 1.03 but I want to upgrade to obtain other european stations, particularly French.

I have tried unsuccessfully over the last few months to upgrade to 6.3.1 (alien 1.06-6.2). Every time I select internet radio on the squeezebox slimserver stops.....no error messages, just drops out......I gave up with this after spending many, many hours of upgrading and then regressing to 6.2.2....got very weary with it!!

today I tried 6.5 with alien 1.06-6.5....it seems to sound generally crisper but.......no radio at all!!!! this time slim doesnt drop out or stop, it just wont connect. The only message in the diagnostic log is something like 'no dns server responding' I have regressed once more to 6.2.2 where at least my alienbbc is working.

I can't seem to get any info from the bug reports and can't find any similar posts.....

Anybody got any ideas?



2006-09-29, 12:13
More info would help debug problems - most AlienBBC problems are well characterised and resolvable once the symptoms and system have been described in detail.

When you say no internet radio with 6.5 - do you mean just AlienBBC or all internate radio such as RadIO, Lives365, etc. ?

If it is just AlienBBC - have you tried both Live and "Listen Again" ?

What OS are you using ?

If you are using Windows - what security s/w. have you installed ?

What processor is in your system ?

Does mplayer work standalone with the 6.5 install ?

2006-09-29, 12:54
Hi bpa

No radio at all!!!
when I select slim picks the little 'wait' ring goes round and round and all buttons on the remote don't function with the exception of the volume. It locks up, and the only button that seems to work is 'search' which takes the system back to the top menu. All the alien channels just go to sleep after the connecting message on the squeezebox.

I'm using xp pro(sp2) and Norton AV(2005). Its a new mobo(ASUS) with a pentium d(2.8 dual core).
The alien test streams ok.

As I say, the only sniff of a clue is the slimserver diagnostic which shows the message 'no dns server responding - check network config'....but I havnt changed anything between 6.2.2 and 6.5 except between every reconfig I have to put slim in the norton exclusions list otherwise the firewall stops the internet access.

MP works ok standalone.

I hope some of this makes sense.



2006-09-29, 13:14
One difference in streaming between past versions and 6.5 is that now (in most cases) the stream is run directly to the squeezebox from the remote server - bypassing the slimserver entirely. This is the same approach as Squeezenetwork has always taken. In previous versions, the slimserver acted as a proxy in the process.

What this means is that the squeezeboxes must have access to the internet, including correctly set DNS and gateway entries, which previously weren't needed unless you were using Squeezenetwork. From the error message, I think this is the case with you. If you're using static IPs make sure the gateway and DNS settings match those on your PC, if you're using DHCP we'd need to investigate why they're not being set properly.

This doesn't apply to AlienBBC of course, as the stream needs to go through the server for transcoding in this case. I think you have two seperate issues - (a) AlienBBC just isn't working for some reason and (b) your squeezebox can't see the outside world, so regular radio doesn't work.

A sidenote - I've seen several users mystified as to why their streaming radio has suddenly stopped working in 6.5, but it was only by accident that I found out about the change in protocol. To me this is a pretty significant change, as it will cause failures on previously working setups based soley on network topology. I think it would be good to see the change advertised a little more widely.

2006-09-29, 13:23
There are two issues but they may be interconnected.

Can you get radio on SoftSqueeze on the same PC as Slimserver ?

You should also put into the exclusion list socketwrapper.exe and mplayer.exe. After an upgrade some users have found it necessary on some security s/w/ to delete the old entries and make new entries as the Security s/w remembered the old files as being authorised and not the new ones with the same name.

A log with d_source and d_directstream enabled would provide more information about what is going on when radio is being selected.

Paul Dorn
2006-09-29, 13:59
Not sure if related, but there is a problem parsing XML if running under Windows that is preventing LIVE365 from working. See the entry:

6.5 and Live365 problem -- cannot connect