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2003-12-07, 18:02
I brought that point up initially but it seems you can't please some people.

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I may have missed the point here, but if your audio source is close
enough to connect to the Squeezebox, then why can't you just connect it
to the amplifier?


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> On Sun, Dec 07, 2003 at 02:51:14PM -0800, Jason Snell wrote:
> > I think the answer is probably a PC... there's software (I know for
> > the Mac, which most likely means there are 3 or 4 for windows) that
> > will take an analog audio input and encode it as an MP3 stream. At
> > that point, you just need to point your SLIMP3s at the mp3
> stream and
> > you've got it.
> I don't think that is much of an answer, to be honest. First
> of all, who wants a noisy PC/Mac in the living room next to
> the rest of their stereo.
> If I was going to have that, I might as well forget the
> Slimp3 all together.
> I don't doubt that there are several "rube goldberg"
> solutions to the problem, but none of them are as elegant as
> adding an audio input to
> Squeezebox's successor.
> sean
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