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2006-09-29, 00:47
My library is stored as uncompressed wav files.
I would like to do a bulk import of the tag
info directly into mysql. Is there a supported
way to do this?

If not, what would be best way to do that? If
required I am willing to write perl/python/C
code that would be used to populate the db. I
just need some general ideas on where to start.

Thanks for any info.

2006-09-29, 01:36
> If not, what would be best way to do that? If

What's wrong with running slimserver (or its scanner process)?



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2006-09-29, 02:57
I'm guessing that, since rambham2 has wav files, that the tags are stored in a separate database and so would not be picked up by a Slimserver scan. I seem to remember a thread from a while ago on this topic, but couldn't find it!

2006-09-29, 06:47
Sorry. The problem is exactly as you said. My wav files are not tagged, but I do have that data in another form, so I would like to transfer the data from my private db into the slimserver db.


2006-09-29, 08:29
What I would probably do is run the scanner to build the initial DB (the scanner will guess tag values based on filenames for untagged files). Then, using (I assume) the filename as a key, merge data in from your external DB, overwriting the values generated by the scanner.

2006-09-29, 08:30
You can import tags manually, the problem is to keep them there.

Slimserver will clear/modify the tags during scanning and also when using the "Browse Music Folder" menu browse your music.

There has been some discussions earlier that it would be a good idea to make it possible to force slimserver to never touch the tags in the database but I don't think it has been implemented yet.