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Richard O'Callaghan
2003-12-07, 16:35
The Barix instreamer converts an audio source to an MP3 stream on the fly.
So a PC may not be necessary after all :)

This is the functionality that I was originally wondering about. Problem is
another $300 or more for the Instreamer, and not sure if theres a built-in
wireless option - hence why I was wondering if the sqeezebox could be
adjusted to suit :) - Less cost and built-in WIFI


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there you go, the answer to my wife's requirement to listen to the BBC R4
archive. Play on one machine off the beeb web site (realaudio), line-out
into line-in on another and "slimp" it to the kitchen! [new verb "to

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> Sean Graham wrote:
> >As the original inquiry stated, it'd be nice to have a way to distribute
> >audio around the house from an non-mp3 source, whether it be a cd player
> >downstairs, a radio, a tape, or vinyl.
> I think the answer is probably a PC... there's software (I know for
> the Mac, which most likely means there are 3 or 4 for windows) that
> will take an analog audio input and encode it as an MP3 stream. At
> that point, you just need to point your SLIMP3s at the mp3 stream and
> you've got it.
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