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2006-09-28, 16:47

Love the squeezebox! I am a relative newcomer to the whole slimdevice stuff, so bear with me (did a little search for this, but wasn't getting anywhere, sorry). Since the upgrade to 6.5.0 (official) I have been having some issues with the Live Music Archive not showing all the shows for particuar bands. In fact, in some cases, not even half of the shows are showing up on the squeezebox. My player is running firmware 64 and once again the server is: SlimServer Version: 6.5.0 - 9916 - Mac OS X 10.4.7 (8J2135a). Any clues to what might be happening?



2006-09-29, 06:53
I've noticed the same problems. I recently upgraded to the 6.5 version and LMA seems to be missing a considerable amount since the upgrade. Previous over 1400 bands, now just over 300? Hope this can be fixed.

2006-10-02, 15:14

Now all I get on the server (using the same nameserver as the player device) is:

There was an error loading the remote feed for Live Music Archive: (Failed to connect to http://content.us.squeezenetwork.com:8080/lma/artists.opml (Couldn't resolve IP address for: content.us.squeezenetwork.com) )
When a dig of the site produces:

;content.us.squeezenetwork.com. IN A

content.us.squeezenetwork.com. 28800 IN A

Anyway... Regards,


2006-11-21, 14:48

Anyone else experiencing a loss of Live Music Archive shows and if so, is there a resolution in the upcoming software build??

2010-08-01, 10:26
An old thread but there seems to be many many SB users who are frustrated by this bug. Unfortunately the Logitech support folks don't seem to be aware of the widespread impact. I contacted support about this and they suggested trying to rally support for bug 10063:


The developers prioritize the bugs they work based on customer impact (ie. Importance in bugzilla) so the more votes this bug gets the better the shot at getting a proper fix. Ideally the fix will involve building the LMA content dynamically rather than having to hope for periodic (ie. infrequent) DB updates.

2011-01-12, 09:12
I voted, and posted to the Taperssection and LMA forums to hopefully get some more on the bandwagon. Please Logitech, fix your issue!

2011-03-21, 09:16
I am seeing new shows on my squeezebox server up through yesterday. Not sure exactly what I did, as I rebooted both my windows home server and the receiver a few times.