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2006-09-28, 11:35

After installing 6.5 wmadec.exe use a lot of memory. Started my computer in the morning and in the evening it has used up about 170 MB RAM.

What does it do and why do I need it?


2006-09-28, 12:09
wmadec is used to decode WMA files. Are you listening to WMA files? If not, you should not see it, but if so, then it's there to decode your music and converting it into FLAC and then stream it to your SB3/Transporter...

There is a new wmadec out there. I do not know if it does anything about your memory problem, but you may want to give it a try:


This fixes this:


2006-09-28, 12:36
Don't have any wma files but it looks like wmadec starts up when playing wma radiostations.

For some reason wmadec didn't close when the wma stream stop.

Replaced wmadec with the new version. Problem solved.

Thank's. :-)

2006-09-29, 01:37
Good to know, in case it happens to others. Thanks for posting your solution. ;)

2006-11-12, 22:44
I'm having a similar problem. If I start SoftSqueeze and do something that requires wmadec.exe (i.e., like XM Radio plug-in), wmadec.exe starts OK with no problems. If I switch to something else within SS before exiting that doesn't require wmadec.exe (like play an MP3), wmadec.exe is properly stopped.

BUT -- if I exit SoftSqueeze while wmadec.exe is still running, wmadec.exe never goes away on the server, and slowly increases memory usage indefinitely until I manually kill it. I killed it last time when it was using 80 megabytes of memory, for instance.

I upgraded to the newest version of wmadec.exe, but no dice -- still have the same problem.

Is there any possible fix to this issue?