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2006-09-28, 05:52
Firstly, this is my first post, and I am very new to this technology, and as yet have not even got a squeezebox yet.

Before I take the plunge and spend loads of my hard earned cash, can anyone tell me whether the synology DS 406 is a good NAS device to use with slimserver?? Or, would I be better going for an Infrant solution? (I prefer the smaller and quieter 406 tho)

Also, will installing slimserver cripple any of the 'out-the-box' features of the NAS?

and, finally, can I use AlienBBC with the with this?

Thanks in advance.

2006-09-28, 06:02
You mean CS-406, do you? Yes, it's great to run SlimServer (the best from the DS/CS family).

The DS-106 is okay as well. The DS-106x is slightly better than the DS-106 but not available outside Switzerland.

SSODS won't touch the functionality of the DS at all.

And yes, you can use AlienBBC with it. You can even choose if you want it delivered to the Squeezebox as mp3 (via lame), as flac (via flac) or as pcm data (directly from mplayer). It is even possible to feed several SB with different BBC-streams.

On noise: look around the forum. The devices are not noiseless.

Read the README.txt on my page (see signature below). It covers all your questions.


2006-09-28, 07:16
Thanks for your reply.

Yes, sorry I did mean the ds-406.

Oh, thats great news regarding the compatibility, ok, looks like Im going to take the plunge and buy two sb3's and A Nas device. Just a question of which one, synology or infrant?

The reviews I've read on the ds-406 suggested it was reasonably quiet, and the infrant rather noisy. I suppose noise levels are subjective, and without having the two side-by-side.

AlienBBC - sounds good, although I'm a bit lost on your explanation on delivery formats, oh well, suppose I can learn that about when the time comes, as long as I know it works.

2006-09-28, 07:20
AlienBBC does NOT work on Infrant.

2006-09-28, 07:35
Yes, sorry I did mean the ds-406.

Aye :->

AlienBBC - sounds good, although I'm a bit lost on your explanation on delivery formats, oh well, suppose I can learn that about when the time comes, as long as I know it works.

Right. The point is that it works.


2006-10-01, 07:04
Ok, got my CS-406 and Squeezeboxes.

Have not got my drives yet, have not tested slimserver on the cs, really impressed with server running on the pc over 3 x SBs.

A question:-
When my drives do turn up, Id like to use Raid 5. But.. what if, in a couple of years time my CS dies but drives are ok, or I decide to upgrade... Can I transfer the raid into another host and expect it to work?


2006-10-01, 09:19
You don't really expect low-cost (consumer) drives running 24/7 to last for years, do you? In my experience they don't last very long.. e.g. in our lab with maybe 50 harddisks in about 15 PCs, harddisks crash on a regular basis (one every 3-6 months).. and we buy the expensive server/professional grade models (used to be SCSI, now is SATA). At least we usually get them replaced by the manufacturer for free.

Probably they will work in a Linux-PC since the DS uses Linux' software RAID (md).

If you use simple mirroring (e.g. with 2x1 harddisks) each harddisk can be mounted individually on Linux. If the array consists of more disks and you use the more sophisticated raid levels, it will be a bit more complicated. But in theory, it should be possible, i think.

I would recommend to have backups on tape, DVD or so..


2006-10-01, 09:46
Had a friend who was a devout Hardware Raid = answer to everything guru. Until one drive failed (in bit mirroring) : then on reboot the mirrored drive also failed. He was lucky - he ressurected the mirrored one; but still lost some data.

For most home users (i.e. non-corporate systems where downtime is not business critical) RAID comes across as more of a gimmick and it is probably (but not necessarily) easier to invest in systems where you can simply mirror data overnight.

2006-10-03, 12:05
I have got the CS-406 with Slim Server 6.5.0 installed, all working very good.

Can anyone advise how to get AlienBBC installed on this device?


2006-10-03, 14:14
Yeah, RTFM (README.ssods).

Or a bit more detailed :->

The README.ssods tells you how to enable the SlimServer installation directory as a normal share so you can add/modify files in there.

Once you have that, you copy the Alien folder (found in the Plugins folder of the alienbbc...zip/.tar.gz) into the Plugins folder of the SlimServer installation. You don't need the Bin folder from the alienbbc package.

Then modify the custom-convert.conf as described in README.ssods.


2006-10-04, 09:13
Sorry if I'm sounding dense here, but I can't find a custom-convert.conf in alienbbc-linux-v1.06_6.2-3.tar.gz There is slimserver-convert.conf.

The Alien folder has been copied into plugins as described.

Just need to sort out this '-convert.conf file.. I'm not even clear where it should go even if I did find it :(

2006-10-04, 13:35
Up to 6.3.1 the conversion file is slimserver-convert.conf and it is in the main slimserver directory. In 6.5 this file gets renamed to custom-convert.conf and is moved to Plugins/Alien directory.

There is a bug in AlienBBC 1.06 for 6.2-6.3 which causes Slimserver to crash with a message about "adjustKnob". I'll post a replacement for Plugin.pm shortly.

2006-10-30, 19:28
I have a Synology CS 406e and have installed AlienBBC as shown in message #10 of this thread. I'm running SSODS Release 2b6, 22.10.2006, and installed the most recent version of AlienBBC, alienbbc-linux-v1.06_6.2-3.tar. However, when I try to play one of the stations included on AlienBBC or one of my own (urls with a .ram type) my Squeezebox displays the name and (Connecting...) but doesn't go any further. I've looked around on the forums for additional help, but am not that experienced in Linux/UNIX. The SSODS log file shows:

3193: MPlayer 1.0pre8-3.4.5 (C) 2000-2006 MPlayer Team
3194: CPU: PowerPC
3195: Cannot find HOME directory.

And adding -msglevel all=9 to my slimserver-convert.conf file yields an additional:

3196: this_opt = option: really-quiet
3197: Setting really-quiet=-vc

All I get is the (Connecting...) message, a flash of 1of2 from time to time, no sound. Any help would be appreciated.

2006-10-31, 01:02
Flipflip has created a special version of mplayer called mplayer-stdout to work on the DS NASs. This version has the effect of redirecting log messages - I'm not sure where they go to. So you will not see any log message by altering msglevel in the slimserver-convert.conf.

Which version of slimserver have you installed ?
There is a bug in the AlienBBC 1.06 with 6.3.1 - you need to replace the Plugin.pm file with the attached version. I don't think this is your problem but try it.

You should also increase the Internet Radio timeout (under Server Setting/Network) to something like 30.

Then you could try running mplayer-stdout on a command line to see if can access your URL. Try the following command (put your URL at the end replacing YourRAMURL) which I hope should produce messages (banner and then connection progress).

mplayer-stdout -v -v -vc null -vo null -cache 128 -ao pcm:nowaveheader:file=/dev/null -playlist YouRamURL

If mplayer is working then try looking at a log with d_source and d_parse

2006-10-31, 02:23
All messages of mplayer-stdout go to stderr. In SSODS stdout and stderr is redirected to the slimserver.log log file. So you will see messages from external programs appear in the logfile. The convert rules (for custom-convert.conf) in the README, however, redirect the messages to /dev/null, so you won't see anything by default. Just remove the "2>/dev/null" parts of the rules and all messages will appear in the log.

Trying on the command line in a first try is a good idea since you can see if the problem is with mplayer or with the radio station.


2006-10-31, 08:55
The real media streams are now working for me. When I went through the SSODS readme for AlienBBC, I didn't see any differences in the slimserver-convert.conf other than changing mplayer to mplayer-stdout, so I just did a search and replace on that. I did a copy/paste from the readme to replace the three lines, restarted and AlienBBC is working as expected. Thanks for the assistance, and thanks for providing AlienBBC, I really will make use of it.

2006-10-31, 09:10
That's why I wrote *** Please read this text carefully. *** on top of the README. :-) / :-(

You mean the fine manual, do you ;->