View Full Version : Can't connect to SoftSqueeze, or remote Slimserver

2006-09-28, 01:54
Strange problem... When I'm in one specific area, I can't connect to the SoftSqueeze of the remote web panel for Slim.

So - from home, I can connect via my DynDNS name (e.g. I go outside the local LAN, and can connect to Slim/SoftSqueeze. Additionally, friends from different parts of the country (e.g. someone from their home around 200 miles away, plus also a colleague in the same company but a different office about 150 miles away) can connect fine.

But when I'm in my normal office, I can't connect. I thought, at first, it was because there was some network security from my office. In fact, I found that one of our internal apps use port 9000. While working at home, and with a colleague in the same office testing, I tried a range of different ports (even including port 80) but still couldn't connect from the office. I put it down to the fact that the office security is too tight and gave up.

But I found yesterday that when I try to connect from a house close to the office (the place I stay when I'm working down here) that I couldn't connect either! I've found 2 places (in the same town) where I cannot connect. Is it possible that I can't connect from this particular town?!

Anyone got any ideas? It's really bugging me :(