View Full Version : Will Squeezebox work without internet connection?

2006-09-27, 20:34
I'm thinking of discontinuing high-speed access for one of my networks. Will my Squeezebox operate without it? For that matter, will my wireless hub operate without it? My music files and slimserver are on a laptop with a wireless card, while the Squeezebox (and Roadrunner) are hooked up to a D-Link wireless hub. Obviously, I'll get no software/firmware updates, but can I just stream music?

2006-09-27, 21:10
as long as you are only listening to music on your PC and not internet radio, sure.

2006-09-27, 21:11
You must be crazy! :)

But you should be fine without a connection. You may want to disable the automatic update check that SlimServer does, by going to Server Settings -> Behavior -> Software Updates.

You also might want to reduce the radio station timeout under Network to 1 second, just in case you do go into the Internet Radio menu and try to play a station, it will fail sooner.