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Matt Sims
2003-12-07, 13:26

I too have started suffering dropouts since (I think) upgrading to
5.0.1. Initially I noticed it happening while streaming internet radio
stations, but then noticed it while playing songs too. The dropouts
aren't as frequent as others have reported, happening perhaps after
playing two or three songs. The dropouts sometimes sound like the music
is stuttering (similar to when the signal on some FM tuners isn't quite
strong enough and the tuner intermittently mutes the audio), and other
times sounds like a short burst of the song is repeatedly playing over
and over. Pausing and un-pausing the song, or skipping to another
track, usually fixes the dropouts for a few minutes. Also, sometimes
when the dropouts occur I get corruption of letters on the display.
When this happens the remote often becomes inoperable and I have to use
the web interface. I've never seen the problem before in any previous
version and have had the SliMP3 since about the time of V4.2.1

Setup is the SliMP3 directly connected via a crossover cable to a P4
3GHz PC running Windows XP. The same PC is also on a wireless network,
but the wired and wireless networks are separate and so shouldn't affect
one another.

Hope this helps,


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So am I the only one running XP and having a problem?
Should I build a *nix system?

Here's my story..

WinXP, 'Virgin system'. Compaq 1.7Ghz, 1 Gig Ram, 3 Gig swap, 60Gig
Linksys router with only the WinXP machine and the Squeezebox on it
Hard-wired to the Slim
(Tried WiFi and had same experience)

5.0.0 Slim Server / Firmware
approx 5 drops outs per song 1 second each. (rarely a song or 2 will
w/o error.)

5.0.1 Slim Server / Firmware
I Might be able to get 2 seconds of a song to play.

Tried all the nightly builds, but the latest Firmware seems to cause a