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Richard O'Callaghan
2003-12-07, 12:44

I was actually thinking this:

If you have say 3 or 4 squeezeboxes around a house, creating an audio
distribution type environment, where the sqeezeboxes are in sync, you could
load a cd (or radio / old LP / tape ... ugghhhh ) into one of the stereos
connected to one of the sqeezeboxes. That sqeezebox could then serve up the
audio input as a stream, for the other sqeezeboxes to sync from.

From an MP3 client / server point of view, it would be worthless, but from
the audio distribution aspect it would open the sqeezebox up to being
unbelievably flexible in my opinion - Put the radio on in one room, and send
it all round the house.

Maybe its not a great idea, and besides, if it requires hardware changes as
you say, then it ain't gonna happen ! :)



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Audio input would require hardware changes. Also, since the slimp3 is
usually already hooked up to something with multiple inputs (receiver, AV
switchbox or pre-amp) I'm not sure why you would even want this.

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With the current hardware on the Squeezebox, would it be possible in the
future for the software to take an audio input on one of the available
connections, and stream the audio out to the network, or would this require
hardware changes?

It would be really cool for the whole-house audio distribution end of