View Full Version : Streaming on 6.5 - having issues with "breaking" between songs

2006-09-26, 13:36
I primarily run Slimserver to stream my collection to myself at work (though I love my Squeezebox, it sits at home and waits for me all day long for the most part). I'm running my server on Windows XP. I recently wiped 6.3.1 and installed 6.5 - I've been very happy with the interface changes (I use the fishbone skin), but have found what I think is a change of behavior that is really causing me some angst... When listening to my stream (e.g., as http://localhost:9000/stream.mp3), the beginning of every song (up to a few seconds) is being cut off. I believe I've tracked it down to a "breaking" of the stream between songs - since I have my media players (tried on foobar2k and windows Media Player) set to repeat the playlist, what's happening is that the buffer is running out, and the "track" (stream) is restarting... dropping all the audio from the beginning of the track.

Reading that back, I think I may be confused... but I know that I didn't ever have this problem with 6.3.1, so I think something is different. Am I nuts? Is anyone else having this issue?


2006-09-27, 03:47
I noticed the same when streaming to softsqueeze.

2006-09-27, 04:09
Should I file a bug? I'll see if I can find one already filed - not that familiar with bugzilla...

EDIT: I see that bug 250 appears to be this bug, but it is over 2 years old and hasn't seen any activity... however, I'm 100% positive that this isn't behavior I've been seeing on 6.3.x for almost a year - I think it's a new change with 6.5.0. I've opened a new bug, 4233 (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4233)