View Full Version : LastFM or Pandora - which do you prefer?

2006-09-26, 10:20
I'm currently trying out both Pandora and LastFM/Slimscrobbler on my squeezeboxes and I think it is very interesting to compare the two. As they use completely different ways to generate recommended tracks, it would be interesting to see which of them people have had more success with (by this, I mean, which has a higher success rate with the new tracks it has suggested for you).

This poll is only for people who have tried both services.



2006-09-26, 10:52
Last.fm for me, every time.

But I suspect this is more to do with my musical tastes than the selection / recommendation process. I find Pandora a bit light on deep electronic music, breaks and beats and drum & bass compared to Last.fm. It's a much closer call if I put in some Soul or Vocal stuff.

2006-09-26, 11:56
Without hesitation Pandoro seems to provide a far more comprehensive adult contemporary selection. I do appreciate that it is horses for courses though...

Indeed Pandoro has just benefited from a paid subscription from me. (btw it is tosh that it is unavailable outside the US & just takes a little creativity!)


2006-09-26, 12:33
LastFM everytime, I have been signed up for about 12 months now and my personal radio is amazing. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that it isn't one of my playlists, that is until it plays some new music which is usually good.

That is what I like about it just the right mix of music you love and new stuff you will like. I find the playing other songs that people who like your music much more realiable than Pandora's genome project. But that is just my personal pref.

LastFM does take some time before it really starts to know what you like.

2006-09-26, 13:01

Besides the already mentioned reasons. I love the integration with slimscrobbler. And last but not least the lastfm website itself starting from your own page gives you a world of music discovery that seems to have no end.

Can we have LastFM/slimscrobbler integration in Squeezenetwork! :)