View Full Version : Dropouts ( Does this thing work under XP?)

2003-12-07, 10:49
I'm in the middle of a format and clean install of XP on my 3.2 Ghz Intel
P4. w/ 2Gig Ram.
If there's a CPU issue with this box, I'll get out my CrayYMP next :)

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>I've confirmed that these drop-outs get Much worse with 5.0.1 (and any
>nightly build after that) .. I'm lucky if I get 5 seconds of a song to
> No CPU issues
> No Network issue
> No memory issue
>I'm stumped....
>My next step is to format a Clean XP machine, and try that.
>No one actually answered my 1st question though....
> Has anyone got this running reliably on XP, with 5.0.1?

I can't answer that for myself because I am having dropouts on both XP an
Linux servers.

However, I'd guess it's working for most, otherwise we'd be seeing a lot
more emails about dropouts. So far it appears to be about 3-5 of us on the
list at least. No idea how many reports Dean is getting offlist.