View Full Version : Slimserver not running

2006-09-25, 18:20
Some users have reported problems about Slimtray not starting Slimserver. I just ran into the same problem. I am a newcomer to SlimDevices. I downloaded and installed 6.3, and got Slimtray saying forever that it is starting Slimserver. Uninstall and reinstall as suggested in some posts. Same problem. Moving to 6.5b. Same problem again.

It turns out that Slimserver was running perfectly when launched manually from a command window. Still it could not be started manually as a service.

Two evenings later, the solution to that problem was to change the status of slimserver as a service from belonging to Local System to belonging to a user with administration privileges. Doing that makes everything work perfectly and Slimserver starts automatically at Windows start-up.

I have Windows XP with the latest security patches and I suspect that recent changes to the security strategy forbid Slimserver to start as a Local System service.

In hope that will be useful and help spare some time.